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The Death of Hubris

by Generation Decline

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NEED TO SCREAM Feeling pent up, the need to release, anger built up, now the need to scream, as it boils over the top, the craving to be heard, echoing louder and louder, never again to be ignored, and now you see, when you push, we push back, in the face of adversity, we use our voices to attack. Mind all wound up, like a blender filled with screws, open up the top and the explosion ensues, another way to fight back, another way to stay sane, voices rising to the top with each power that they gain, built from the rage of, being told you’re too weak, that your values don’t mean shit, so shut up and take a seat. Now, it’s not so much fun, when your the one that's being told to shut the fuck up, being told that you have no opinions of your own, that are worth what your fighting for, that your life has no meaning so what's the point, would you cower down or stand up and use your voice. Now more than ever it's clear that chants led all together can result in actual change, so scream as loud as you can until this world can’t ignore your pain, your anger is a gift, don't be afraid to stand up for what's right, afterall it is your future thats up for you to decide, so fight back and keep your voice alive, it could save someone else's life.
Lullaby 02:20
LULLABY Say goodnight to the old conceptions, of racial prejudice and cultural resentment, say goodnight to the oppressive ways of being great again, when there never was a great to begin with, say goodnight to being absolute in the opinion that the world owes you something based on the color of your skin, say goodnight to racism, goodnight to white pride, goodnight to the proud boys, your time is fucking up! Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from reaction, the choices that you make affect everyone around you, you can’t walk the fuckin’ fence and say “i’m not racist, but..”, your but is just an excuse to keep your ignorance up, educate yourself and open a history book, do a little research, take a closer look, at not just what the “founding fathers” have set up for you, but at the plight and the strength of the oppressed, to keep pushing through. Say goodnight to private prisons, modern day slavery, systemic racism and educational inequality, goodnight to losing our loved ones because the color of their skin, we went from sadness to fear, now burning with malcontent. FUCK THE PROUD BOYS, MODERN DAY KKK, lives lost in WWII are rolling in their graves, how dare you call yourself a patriot and stand against Americans, fighting for freedom, your values are back ass words. So follow your leader, Hitler, and end it now, your time is up, the whole world is watching and we’re all fed up, now you're scared of the change that you see on the rise, because it means saying goodnight to your white pride. Now, we say goodnight to the proud boys, now, goodnight to being ignored, now, you will fall down, yes one by one, now!
APOCALYPSE SELFIE The planet is depleting, climate change is on the rise and coming quick, but instead of doing something to combat it, we’re all stuck, self-consumed with drama, depression and the fear of the unknown, anxiety building up, now is the time to take necessary actions, and build our future up, if we don’t act quick and reduce our greenhouse gasses, the world will be sucked dry, it’s our choice now, are we providing for future generations, or telling them get fucked. We’ve all been warned so many times over and over of the direction this planets heading, and it’s getting worse and worse, unless we make some changes, our soil will be cursed, glaciers have been shrinking until they disappear, sea levels rising up, animal and plant ranges have shifted or gone extinct, wildfires on the rise, how can you choose to ignore all the facts and give the future up, now is the time for us to stay active for change and push it to the front. It’s that feeling that's inside you, the way it burns down low, and when the passion takes over, now you know you’ve got control. Their paving the way for hopelessness, hell bent on self destruction, aligning ourselves perfectly to fade out in any combative situation, it's all been seen time and time before, now the past is repeating over again, what will you do to change it or will you just sit back and let it all happen again, their paving the way for hopelessness, they're hell bent on self destruction, aligning ourselves perfectly to fade out with any combative situation, it’s all been seen time and time before, now the past is repeating over again, another distraction for financial gain, put down the phone and pay attention. Paving the way for hopelessness, hellbent on self destruction, aligning ourselves perfectly to fade out in any combative situation, its all been seen time and time before, now the past is repeating over again, another destruction for financial gain, paving the way for whats to be done, the battle wave for not just us, now suddenly not left feeling so self assured, building our way to something more all while knowing what the fucks at risk, knowing what our futures worth, well now we know where it has all gone wrong, and it’s all left in our fuckin’ hands!
Another Way 03:31
ANOTHER WAY When you’re staring down the barrel, of regret and abuse, knowing it’s not the right solution but all others seem to lose. The depression of playing the punching bag and stitching up your wounds for so long, takes a toll on the mind, on the spirit and even on the strong. When the feeling of defeat starts to inch your finger towards the trigger, tears rolling down your face, moments left to linger. Never ending thoughts, racing through your mind, thinking I’ve gone through every solution, so now its time for that final resolution to arrive in your mind, no other hope left but suicide, and now the thought comes to end your own life, to take away the pain, but the hurts still left behind. Letters written to those you love and hesitate to say goodbye, but it’s hard to see that there’s good left in anyone's eyes. Your fingers slip a little tighter, safety off the trigger, take a deep breath, now you make the decision to let go of the anger. Before the pin strikes and you’re silenced from the world, the phone it starts to ring, a friendly voice on the other line, just wants to know how you’re doing, the perspective starts to change, with a friendly voice, coming through letting you know that you’re not alone, there’s got to be another way, to survive this pain, there’s got to be something we’re all going through, there’s go to be another way, out of this pain that we’ve all suffered through, there’s got to be another way, out of this pain that we’ve all been put through, there’s got to be another way, out of this pain that we’ve all been put through, there’s got to be another way.
Detained 03:21
DETAINED Countless bodies are buried on the grounds of detention centers, housing thousands of families, in conditions not meant for human life, or even animals, how could you call, this the land of, opportunity when those seeking asylum are met with life in cages, split up from their families, how can you explain this. Whole communities being swept as ICE agents run wild, making massive arrests with no care for human life, as the politicians stay silent, their leader runs a muck, lives lost, raped and murdered, and still you don’t give a fuck, 40 new centers since 2017, 91% of people detained in facilities, that are privately owned, making profits off of misery. These “justice-free-zones” violating human rights, losing massive amounts of children, no solution in sight, no access to legal aid, or opportunity to set bail, no access to physical or mental healthcare, the cages are overflowing, deportations on the rise, and still you’re going to sit there and try to justify, putting a six year old child in front of a judge, expecting them to plead for their lives, what the fuck is wrong with you. How can you say that their lives do not affect your own, what if this was your family, im sayin what would you want to do, you should do something to counter this cause before its too late, there’s so much more that you can do other than just leave it to fate, how can you sleep at night, how can you sleep at night knowing what you have done, staying silent is supporting a new holocaust, why we all worry, how many more lives will have been lost, before we shut the centers down, and abolish ICE.
THE FUNNENING So you really wanna know, why we all party, why we’re always getting fucked up, and why its always beer fuckin’thirty! This one goes out to all those in the D.I.Y. scene who put on these shows and parties, making reality of our punk rock dream, doing what we can to build up our community, to work and slave away in a world that refuses to change, that considers you a nuisance, hence our defiant resistance go, this life style wasn’t meant for all but for the few that live and breath music, each note and beat coursing through our veins, that feeling of being truly alive, the high that we all crave. Day in and day out, we fight for what we love, put up what we can, take care of eachother, so let our party begin. One of these days, when you think your life has changed, and you take a look back at what you’ve done, can you say you’re proud of where you ended up. Did you do enough. So much now that you’re done. What made you give up. One of these days, when you think your life has changed, then you take a look at what it means to get older, then say goodbye, goodbye to being sober, hello to the hangover, let's crack a cold one for the scene, tomorrow's just another version of today set on repeat.
Nightmare 03:26
NIGHTMARE Confusion, delusion, wake up, wake up from this nightmare, that you thought was real life blending over into your subconscious state of, dreaming or believing, that it’s something that your mind is trying to show you, now its leading to thoughts of paranoia, so all we can do is wake up, from, what? wake up from the dream only to be giving up, so run, from, what you’ve always thought meant nothing outside of a dream, now wake up, wake up from what you thought was something that you could escape from, now it's haunting you inside your dreams, confusion, delusions, now what, now you cant ever escape from what were your past decisions, now you feel like it controls your whole fate, confusion, delusion, wake up, wake up from this nightmare, that you thought was something, that you could or couldn't have changed, from your reality that, is this something that you once would contribute to conscious retreat, we won't give up, from what you’ve always feared that's chasing you mid dream, now give up from what. Wake up from what you thought was eternal grief always haunting you and now out of control, that its always been right in front of you and now to realize, that it pushes the pressure that it creates in you, we wont wake up. Have you ever had that feeling that you wake up in mid dream, thinking up a nightmare, something that doesn’t exist, only to realize when you open up your eyes, this is the future you’ve come to despise of your life, the intrusion plays tricks on your mind, you realize the intrusion it always starts with you. Just when you thought that this was all the end, this is not over, this is just the beginning of the end.
No Thanx 01:45
NO THANX Overwhelmed and out of luck, worn too thin, too tired to give any fucks, the pressure builds, and it will crush you, unless you fight back, rise up and stand your ground, because it’s all part of life's game, this sick sad world, wants you to believe that you deserve this pain. What you say, makes me sick, delusional rantings of a narcissistic dick, unsolicited advice, questioning your worth, self projecting agenda met the minute that you're hurt. Now we can see, the agony, projected through constant indignity. What makes you think, you have the right, to degrade others that you deem less, tearing others down, just to build yourself up, insecurity shining through, good luck making it through. You brought this on, but we can choose what to ignore, your intimidation tactics lose. What the fuck, did you expect, spewing hatred, expecting to get love back, what the fuck, was on your mind, heres hoping that, you learn to self reflect, learn something more, so right now, with our heads high, our confidences become multiplied.
Revolt 04:38
REVOLT With the uncertainty, of what the future holds, so many jobless and sick, businesses being shut down, with the hospitals running out of beds and supplies, yet the police force gets extra funding, because of the riots, what kind of normal are, we trying to get back to, shouldn’t we want to evolve, past their corporate interests, and focus on something more, so revolt, time to stand up, say we’ve had enough, time for them to stop, they’ve built up a system to keep down minorities, brainwashing the public with media absurdity, now we must educate in order to fight back, society so broken, now it’s time to attack with, all the frustrations that, have been building up, so many murders unjust, how can you say there’s not a problem when we’re policing our own police, and the justice is less violent when carried in the streets, than when their called, to protect and serve, what a fuckin joke, beyond reform, when calling the cops only leads to more violence, how can we say that this isn’t a problem, so many lives that were taken away too quick, no other reason than the color of their skin. Revolt, against the system that oppresses you, this isn’t what we signed up for, the corruption so blatantly obscene, look around the veils been pulled and now it’s common knowledge that this countries built up by minorities but the credit never given, it’s called white washing history, so revolt against being ignored, against the idea that there’s no hope, to be fighting for, there’s so much power in numbers, revolt, now stand up, revolt, so rise up. When we stand against a system, that’s morally corrupt, valuing profits over people, we’ve had e-fuckin-nough, we won’t work to fill your pockets, and still struggle to eat, only to get falsely arrested, just for walking down the street, your lack of training has built you up, into thinking your untouchable, now your itchy fucking fingers now being held accountable. So revolt against the system that oppresses you, against the state of being ignored, against the system that was never ours.


released December 4, 2020

Recorded at the Autopsy Room by Jesse O'Donnell. Cover art by Infested Art. Tapes through Leprotic Limb, available at leproticlimb.com




Generation Decline Bremerton, Washington

We are a politically charged punk/crust group that sing about the injustices that we face as a human race. We hope that our music inspires people to take action in their scene and community.


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