Land of the Greed

from by Generation Decline

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We have to suffer the decisions you make, we spend all our lives in debt
on top of the fact your trying to conquer the world, we’re on to your shit
this system of lies and you’re victim full crimes, capitalism makes no sense
we live off the one percents’ dimes and we can still live our lives in excess

Live our lives filthy with greed (Come and…)
consume way more than we need (…take it!)
capitalize off how much they bleed (Come and…)
how much shit can you digest (…take it!)

(Background vox) Spread democracy around the world
press our religion on all the boys and girls
bring democracy and you’re in bliss
say bye to your culture, hello consumerist

There’s no healthcare for you
The rich get tax cuts
The bank gets bailed out while the middle class gets canceled out
Making it lower vs higher in this war of classes
Waging war for fashion
Looking for any excuse to lash out
And now we see what it looks like in a broken society
Every man for himself,
Just stockpiling and saving
Just sitting and waiting
In fear contemplating
Just sitting and awaiting for his doomsday to appear
99%, a class war at its best
Brother states succeeding
Country in a political mess
What seems to be the answer when a countries in crisis
How about ban assault weapons, How about erase that constitutional right
You’re a legal citizen one day and then with the stroke of a pen
You’re made to give up your 2nd amendment
It’s just another way of saying the powers to be
Know what’s best, another way of keeping its citizens on our knees

Now it’s the time to decide do you have the will to survive
Do you fight? Do you go into the night
Do you take action in the streets
Do you stalk your senators urging them to make the decision you know if fuckin’ right
Do you fight do you fight
For what you know is fuckin’ right
Do you fight do you fight
For what you know is fuckin’ right
Do you believe what’s happening in our own fucking city streets
Our government turning against its citizens demanding your weapons to be retrieved
You’re not trusted to take up arms, nor are you trusted to be truly free
You’re not here to protect yourselves just fall in line, surrender and we’ll call it free
It’s just another way to keep a class war going in society
To keep the public distracted from the truths lying underneath
Our freedom is at risk and a war coming to our front door
It’s something we’ve been fighting for years and now what’s more
It still takes shock and terror for you to open up your eyes
Look up at the intrusive 24-7 stoplight cameras that plague our skies
And still you refuse and say it doesn’t matter to fucking vote
But complain and say it doesn’t affect you personally but no,
Just increase your dosage so your first world problems are at the top of your needs
Keep your head down, run with the bulls and enjoy living your fucked life on your knees


from Battle Anthems, released June 28, 2014




Generation Decline Bremerton, Washington

We are a politically charged punk/crust group that sing about the injustices that we face as a human race. We hope that our music inspires people to take action in their scene and community.

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